The Demon in the Freezer: A True Story by Richard Preston

Book Title: The Demon in the Freezer: A True Story

Publisher: Random House

Author: Richard Preston

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Richard Preston with The Demon in the Freezer: A True Story

  • The Hot Zone: The Terrifying True Story of the Origins of the Ebola Virus
  • The Cobra Event
  • Panic in Level 4: Cannibals, Killer Viruses, and Other Journeys to the Edge of Science
  • Deadly Outbreaks: How Medical Detectives Save Lives Threatened by Killer Pandemics, Exotic Viruses, and Drug-Resistant Parasites
  • Electric Universe: How Electricity Switched on the Modern World
  • Gulag: A History
  • The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey
  • The Demon Under the Microscope: From Battlefield Hospitals to Nazi Labs, One Doctor's Heroic Search for the World's First Miracle Drug
  • The Species Seekers: Heroes, Fools, and the Mad Pursuit of Life on Earth
  • The Dynamics of Disaster