Cultivating Christian Character by Michael A. Zigarelli

Cultivating Christian Character

Book Title: Cultivating Christian Character

Publisher: Purposeful Design

ISBN: 1583310657

Author: Michael A. Zigarelli

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Michael A. Zigarelli with Cultivating Christian Character

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It's a timeless question: How do I become more like Jesus Christ? What can I do to develop authentic Christian character-to be patient and kind, to have joy and inner peace, to be gentle, compassionate, self-controlled, and forgiving? What can I do to really care about people and to love them as God does? How can I finally-and permanently- become a better person than I am today? On the basis of the experiences of more than 5,000 Christians around the world, and drawing from the finest thinking on the subject, Dr. Zigarelli uncovers the secrets to cultivating Christian character and to living the best life possible. Join him as he reveals the character strengths and weaknesses of Christians, from teenagers to senior citizens. Learn where character bottoms out for most Christians and what they can do to bounce back. Learn the specific character development needs of men and women, of new Christians, and of veterans of the faith. And perhaps most important, discover the pathways to becoming the person that God wants you to be, the person your family wants you to be, the person who, deep down, you've always wanted to be.